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Sapa Fehérvár AV19 - Bolzano 2-4
2014.03.10. 00:01
HCB Südtirol won on Sunday at SAPA Fehervar AV19 4:2 and leads now in the Best-of-Seven-Quarterfinals with 2:0.

Bolzano has the first scoring chance of the first period fifty seconds into the game. Sharp has the puck behind the net, then he turns to face the goalie before taking the shot but his attempt slides away in front of the net.

In the fourth minute Jackman fires a shot from the blue line but Hübl makes the saves. The next minute Pance builds an attack on the wing and he fires a low shot but Hetényi also makes a save.

Bolzano takes the lead with a powerplay goal in the sixth minute. The initial shot is fired from the blue line but this attempt misses the net but the rebound comes back on the opposite side of the net and Pance manages to shoot it between his legs into the net. Just seconds later Mihály loses the puck in the defensive zone and after good passes are exchanged in a triangle, Hetényi has to perform another huge save.

In the 11th minute the home side is in powerplay but Sarauer loses the puck in the home team’s defensive zone. Whitfield takes the puck around the net, then he turns to face the goalie before firing from short range but Hetényi makes another big save.

In the 16th minute Szirányi loses the puck on the defensive blue line and a good diagonal pass is made to Sharp whose shot is also saved by Hetényi. The next minute Sarauer takes the puck into the offensive zone, then he passes towards the wing to Banham who forwards it towards the center of the zone again. Benk arrives undisturbed but his shot flies above the net.

In the 18th minute Naglich and Kovács build an attack two on one but Naglich doesn’t make the pass and the arriving defenseman manages to bloc khis attempt. With less than half a minute left from the first period Bolzano increases their lead to two goals. The home team is unable to clear their defensive zone and the puck is shot towards the net where there is a large crowd in front of the goalie but Egger manages to score between Hetényi’s legpads.


In the second minute of the second period Sarauer takes possession of a bouncing puck behind the Bolzano net, then he skates to face the net but his backhand attempt misses the net. Seconds later the home side scores for the first time. McGregor takes the puck on the wing into the offensive zone, and from a distance he scores into the upper long side of the net.

In the fourth minute Yellow Horn tricks himself all the way into the defensive zone and he fires a low shot which is saved by Hübl. There is a huge fight going on for the rebound and finally Kovács is unable to take a shot.

In the 11th minute Szirányi takes possession of the puck on the offensive blue line, then he inches closer to the net before taking the shot but Hübl makes the save. Forty seconds later Yellow Horn collects the puck behind the Bolzano net and he has three consecutive attempts but they are all blocked.

In the 13th minute Piche makes a superb diagonal pass to Pance who is facing the empty side of the net but his shot hits the post. In the 17th minute Charlebois receives a diagonal pass from the corner of the offensive zone but Hetényi also saves his one-timer with another bravura move.

From a quick counterattack Bolzano returns to a two-goal lead. The attack is built on the wing, then the puck is passed to the arriving Piche who scores into the upper short side with a perfectly-placed backhand shot.


In the fourth minute of the third period Banham receives a good diagonal pass but he has drifted towards the wing too much so he returns the puck towards the net but the arriving Sarauer’s attempt is blocked and he cannot take the shot. The next minute Mihály tricks himself all the way to the net with the puck and he even takes it across in front of Hübl but he falls in front of the net before he could take the shot.

In the eighth minute Sarauer receives a great pass to the offensive blue line during a delayed penalty call and Sarauer takes it in front of Hübl before scoring from a sharp angle.

The response from Bolzano comes exactly a minute later. After a face-off Oberdörfer scores with a huge shot from the blue line.

In the tenth minute Kovács builds an attack on the wing, then he takes it behind Hübl’s net before passing the puck backwards to the arriving Yellow Horn but his movement is blocked and he cannot take the shot.

In the 12th minute the home team is in powerplay but Bolzano attacks in a counterattack. Schofield builds the attack on the wing before taking a backhand shot but Hetényi makes the save.

The third period ends with relatively eventless few minutes, neither side is able to create any big scoring chances and Bolzano takes a 2-0 lead in the series.


Marty Raymond, Sapa Fehérvár AV19 head coach: I am very disappointed. The way we played in the first period is not acceptable. In the play-offs we must play sixty minutes of good ice hockey. Today only seven guys were good enough but even good enough is not good. I believe that we can get back from 0-2 but we have to be better and I promise we will be better.

Tom Pokel, HCB Südtirol head coach: It was very important getting the lead. Sapa Fehérvár AV19 is a good team, we knew it would be a challenging game for us. Our  fourth goal was the decisive moment. I am satisfied with our defense, we blocked a lot of shots.

Tuesday’s game: I expect the same as today. We play the same every game in the play-off series.

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